'Moonchild' by M83 from Richard Paris Wilson on Vimeo.

Moonchild / M83

A story about a little girl and the astronaut trying to take her back home.

Made with a mixture of industry professionals and a group of 14-16 year old media students on a shoe-string budget, as part of a summer filmmaking workshop run by Richard Paris Wilson.

For more information on the shoot, read the MAKING OF BLOG HERE


Writer, Director, Producer, Online / Grader: Richard Paris Wilson
First AD, Producer, Editor: Riccardo Servini
DOP: James Westbrook
Special FX: Tommy Nagle & Richard Paris Wilson
Costume: Laura Barham
Makeup: Lianna Weidle
Second AD: Ross Aylard
Camera Assistant: Ollie Paxton
Art Direction: Henri Calderon
Location Manager: Mark Richardson
Production Assistant: Sam Marino
Production Assistant: Amy Davis
Behind the scenes photos: Pierro Pozella
Special Thanks: Jack Hobbs, Bryan Martin, Alex Kyrou and Lilly Sells
This video wouldn’t have been possible without help from: Lynda Asby, Mitra McCarthy and Brian Stewart.

The Astronaut – Alexander Beaumont
The Moonchild – Parisa McCarthy
The Creepy Man – Brian Stewart
The Man in the Top Hat – Jack Walters
The Animal – Kristal Sisodia
The Enforcer – Darren Rose
The Dead Man in Black – Riccardo Servini

Made in association with FAKE PLASTIC VIDEOS and the SUTTON LIFE CENTRE. Made specifically for GENERO.TV and M83, for their awesome song ‘MOONCHILD’.

Shot in Dungeness, Kent, UK on August 28th and 30th, 2013.

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