OFFCUT: beyond

beyond from Fake Plastic on Vimeo.

edited by richard paris wilson and riccardo servini
filmed by richard paris wilson
sound mix and fx/grade by richard paris wilson

we had a lot of nice shots leftover from our child music video for edward sharpe (see: here). just like i did with the toploader video i directed in 2011 (see: here), i wanted to make a piece comprised of offcuts from the main video. it’s a neat editing exercise, if nothing else.

i’m not too sure if it makes sense visually, since many of the shots were not intended to interact how we’ve cut them, but hopefully you get a sense of a young boy peering into a magical world he isn’t meant to see.

probably my favourite sound is an orchestra warming up. there’s something special about the mixture of instruments – the chaos. and no matter where the orchestra is, the sound always seems to be similar. so i overlaid a few different orchestra’s – one from sydney, london and new york – and threw in the sound of children laughing, old radio transmissions sent into space, and other weird things, to create something that sounded different.

i shot around 30 minutes of talcum powder floating in the air in my studio, and overlaid the best of that with many of the shots, in order to achieve the kind of weird, dreamy look we were after/

like i said, this was more an editing exercise than anything else. just something i wanted to do before moving onto the next video.